These are not just any old workouts that you can find on some random internet blog or Instagram post. My unique style of programming has made me one of the most sought out coaches in the world.

The most important factor to me when it comes to training is keeping morale high and making fun workouts that no one has ever done before, but… if you dan do that while also making people stronger, sexier and healthier, then you’ve really created something special. And that’s what we have here with SWEAT!

No matter what program people follow, everyone seems to do a few of these a month no matter what. Even our bodybuilders on the full body program!

Reasoning?? It’s always LONG, FUN, and SWEATY!⁣

How often do you walk in the gym and really want to get a good sweat in, but don’t feel like lifting?? It happens to us all a lot I think... It’s totally normal! ⁣

On those days we SWEAT 💦 ⁣

And oh ya, it’ll make you look pretty damn good too 😉⁣

These workouts are always about 40 minutes in length, include lots of conditioning, lighter weights, higher reps and core work all mixed together!

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Sample workouts:


35 min to get as far possible...

30 Devil Press 45/30s
Run 1 mile
60 Toes-To-bar
Run 1 mile
90 Burpees





Part A:

Every 5 min. x 25min.

  • 12/9 Cal Bike
  • 12/9 Cal Row
  • 12 Burpess
  • 12 DB Thrusters

(Rest 5 min. before moving on to Part B)

Part B:

6min Clock to complete:

  • 1 min plank (buy in)

Then immediately into (for remaining time):

  • 30 Russian twists
  • 30 reverse sit-ups30 regular sit-ups

Max Toes To Bar in any remaining time.


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