While there are several different stimuli that build muscle, most people only focus on the ‘heavier weight’ part of this continuum. However, tempos and rest breaks are great training tools that can be used to achieve the same results without putting all that extra stress on your skeleton.

Want to train injury free for a long time? Then you may want to start manipulating your rest breaks and tempos instead of just doing the same old progressive overload training you’ve probably been doing for years. Not that there’s anything wrong with it… It’s just that over time the less stress you put on yourself, the better you’re going to feel.

During my 20 years of training, I can probably count on 1 hand hand how much I’ve utilized tempos and rest breaks as my main source of growth. I was always under the general impression that ‘more’ is ‘better,’ and like many of the pro bodybuilders and professional athletes out there, I’ve gone through quite a list of injuries… Almost all of which could probably have been avoided by smarter training.

So… I took my all time favorite training protocol, German Volume Training, and tweaked it to reflect something that is kind of a first of its kind. It’s like the OG format from 20 years ago, except the tempos strategically change each 10 day cycle, rather than stay the same.

I believe this program provides the perfect mix of crazy, longevity-focused, mass-gaining, body fat shredding, and heart-pumping structure that every person out there yearns for.

You're going to love it.



 Sample Workout:

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