Improve physical capacity & endurance in all areas of athletics, be it Running, CrossFit, Iron Man Training, Boxing, Cycling, Triathlon Training or Obstacle Course Racing.


An 8-week CrossFit endurance program and running mechanics guide with Ryan Fischer & Richard Diaz.

Become Efficient. Become More Economical. Perform Better.


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“Rich & Ryan Are Like Peanut Butter & Jelly”

Ryan (peanut butter) is the workout expert - he develops the workouts and the physical challenges that put you your 'pain cave.'

Rich (jelly) is the endurance expert - he develops the specific training that will improve the lactate tolerance and clearance for these workouts in order to maximize performance while inside your pain cave. 

"Bringing Rich into the CrossFit world has opened pandora’s box in the world of fitness & endurance training."


This program teaches you how to truly train less while achieving better results by doing it the most efficient way possible.

So many people spend so much time watching workout videos on youtube when it comes to exercise form (ie. running form / olympic lifting form), but nobody tries to figure out how to train in a specific training window to make you better in that training window. We've figured out a formula you can use to teach your body how to perform better and beat fatigue!


What Causes Fatigue During CrossFit Workouts? 

 CrossFit workouts push the body from an aerobic into an anaerobic state. Meaning, at high levels of intensity during training, you no longer have oxygen available and you start using up sugar stores for fuel and you start to produce Lactate. 

Lactate has a pretty bad rep for causing muscle fatigue and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). However, much of the info out there on lactate simply isn't accurate. Lactate is actually an incredible form of energy - it’s not a bad thing if your body can metabolize it properly and use it for fuel. If you can’t, you’re going to hit a hard wall in your workouts and get shut down. This is where your “Lactate Threshold" is going to make or break you during intense exercise, like CrossFit. 


Here’s how to battle lactate

Energy deficit isn't really the issue when it comes to fatigue in CrossFit, being intolerant to Lactate is the issue. It doesn’t matter how much sugar and carbs you eat before, when you’re deep in your pain cave and you’re developing lactate too quickly… you’re screwed if you don’t have any lactate tolerance in order to flush that lactate out of the muscle and be able to use it for fuel.

There IS a path and a system that you can develop and manipulate within your body to improve lactate tolerance so you can stay at the intensity you need to in order produce the effort required during your workouts, and recovery properly from that effort. 

lactate threshold

How is this program different?

Most training processes are developed in linear patterns when it comes to cost of work (heart rate).

(Ie. Low -> high -> recover; low -> high -> recover) 

Unfortunately, the fact is that the body just doesn’t like to operate this way.

When we look at the cardiovascular system (or 'circulatory system'), the process of fresh oxygenated blood making its way to the muscles and back, it is a cyclical event.

When we train in this way, using the natural cyclical pattern our bodies prefer, we are creating an ebb-and-flow in our effort, but not a beginning and an end. We're traveling up and down in intensity, but guarding both the intensity and recovery while progressing in both. It is much more efficient at creating endurance in that 'pain cave' so we can become absolute machines!
With this program, we’ve developed a very systematic approach to what your heart rate responses should look like while you're training. It’s a way to teach you exactly how to monitor your heart rate during your workouts in order to keep you performing your best throughout.

This method is very different from anything else out there in the training world so far!

Remember, the best athletes in the world have intuition when it comes to their training. They’ve developed this intuition over time based on their own experiences, circumstances and capacities. You can’t replicate intuition. So, following them and their strategies during workouts doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results. You aren’t them.
You need an approach that is going to work the most efficiently for YOU! This program gives you the path to follow so you can develop your own intuitions and develop the cause-and-effect relationships in your workouts that you need in order to glean the outcomes you’re looking for and perform your physical best in any workout.

The Dark Horse Training program is broken down into 2 parts: a 1 hour instructional video & an 8 week training eBook guide. 

We recommend getting both, but we've decided to give you the option of starting with just one or the other.


All of our bodies are different and need different stimuli and programming. Together, the video and workout guide teaches you how to get there. It’ll take some faith when you start taking this program - it's not instantaneous results, but we're willing to bet if you commit to it, trust the process and stick it out, you'll get results you never saw coming!