BodyWeight-Only Workouts


No gym equipment? Stuck at home? Traveling with no access to a gym?

Frankly, that’s no excuse to dodge a workout! In fact, some of the leanest people I have ever met just follow bodyweight routines and the last time I checked, those Greek statues weren’t exactly created with barbells and fancy gym machines... They did a TON of bodyweight training!

But what’s the first thing you see when you search bodyweight training? It’s typically a workout that consists of 2-3 of the easiest movements ever, followed by a rest break that you don’t even need, and then before you know it… you hate it! It doesn’t give you results. You don’t believe in it. And now you’ve given up.


I decided to make a bodyweight program so challenging that you feel like you went to an actual gym and got your butt kicked! However, NO equipment is needed, every day is DIFFERENT, and the workouts are just downright FUN!

I can almost guarantee that you’ll be asking your friends to join you, family members, parents, kids and you might even get on a video call with someone across the world to team up with you.

Get ready to be strangely addicted to bodyweight training - these workouts are NOTHING like any other bodyweight training plans you’ll find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

*Video Instruction included*

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