Full Body Aesthetics (MINIMAL EQUIPMENT)


NOW AVAILABLE!! This Full Body Aesthetics pogram is a Minimal Equipment version of my newest Full Body Training Program that can be done anywhere - either a gym or at home with just a few basic items. 

This program is thoughtfully laid out with a very unique-to-me training style you won't find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

Program details:

  • 35-days of training in each volume
  • 5 working days/week with 2 full rest days
  • 5th week of every cycle will be a “recovery week” (3 days of training) 
  • 60-90min full body training sessions
  • Video demonstrations 
  • Unique full body training that will get you better results in less time!


Why I Created the Full Body Aesthetics Program:

Like most of you out there, I have always been a big fan of interval training or traditional “bro splits” on bodybuilding days. And because I loved those two styles so much, I decided to create the “High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding” (HIIB) series to essentially mesh the two training styles together.

Then, in December of 2019, I was recovering from a bicep tendon surgery and doing a ton of reading on some new training splits I wanted to try when I was healthy enough to train again.

The “Full Body” regimen kept popping up a lot, but I quickly dismissed it because it sounded a little monotonous. Doing the same body parts every single day!? I couldn’t imagine. Where’s the variety?! How would I stay motivated!? And who in their right mind, would ever want to train with me if I was always doing the same thing? 

However, The more research I did, the more I started to fall in love with the idea of it.

Why? Good question!


These reasons right here sold me and I couldn’t wait to get started!

  • Leg day is no longer a brutal endeavor. It’s a few hard sets on 1 exercise and it’s DONE! Yes, you have to lift legs again for all the other training sessions for the week, but breaking it up feels SO good. And by the end of the week, you’ve done the same volume, if not more, and you’re not nearly as sore. Win.
  • You get to lift arms every day! Arguably most athletes favorite day in the gym is now daily on a full body routine.
  • The structure is super easy to follow so it makes having a plan as you walk in the gym easier than ever.

    Starting to sound pretty good now right?!

    After my first 2 weeks of starting this new regimen, I was really sore, second guessing if this was a good idea, and slightly bored with the structure (as I thought I would be). 

    Then I realized what I needed to do. Like all of my programs, I needed to put my own signature flair on it. I needed to pull out all of the proven principles that make the program work and add in some new modern ideas and freshen up the vibe.

    I decided to change the stimuli of the movements in some aspect as much as I could. Whether it was changing the movement completely to a new movement or adding in bands, bodyweight variations, or sets and rep schemes that weren't done in the prior days or weeks. Progressive overload is alive and well in the program still, but it’s hidden in the many combinations that we perform each day. Taking out the stale vibe of traditional progressive overload and traditional full body training.

    In my opinion, this is the most fun and diverse full body regimen on the planet. Literally just after 4 months of this new training style, I had built my body back to what I looked like pre-surgery and everyone I knew was asking what I have been doing lately for my training.

    I told them, just like HIIB, that I had created a new style of training that was going to take the world by storm. 

    For me, it’s given me something to get excited about in the gym again. After 15+ years of training hard, we all need to switch things up to light that fire inside us and keep motivation high. It’s even more fun if you’re the guy paving the path for others (which I am so thankful to be). 

    Some other reasons this program may just be the perfect program you for:

    1. You may be overtraining and you don’t even realize it. With full body training, you are consciously picking only 1 movement per body part each day, making the chance of overtraining a lot smaller than with traditional bro splits. 
    2. Your routine probably consists of a lot of the same movements. With full body training, you will have so much variation in your training that it truly makes each session exciting. It also forces you to learn new movements and feel out which ones work best for you. Personally, full body training has made me a better coach and trainer than any other program I have made. I have learned hundreds of new variations.
    3. You simply can not put 100 percent effort into interval training for years on end. Trust me, I know it’s fun, and it was my life for years… But eventually we need to have some training blocks of slower progressive overload and hypertrophy. The extra muscle you put on and strength gained during these cycles is what ultimately makes you a better athlete or a well maintained individual in general. Leaving the chances for injury very low and your chances of looking better than most with your shirt off very high. 

    New to Full Body training or not sure what exactly full body training is? 

    For this program, we pick one exercise per body part, per day. So, you are lifting every body part every day of the week. Instead of doing all the volume for that body part in one day like traditional bodybuilding, you're spreading all of that volume out throughout the week. This gives you a different, more effective, stimulus and better results, especially for those who've never trained this way before. 


    Required equipment for this training program:

    1. A set of Dumbbells. Preferably you have a few sets, but if not, a simple resistance band can help a ton here. 
    2. 41” red resistance band. Like THIS ONE.
    3. Pull-Up Bar 


    Sample Workouts:

    Here are a few examples of what these workouts look like:



    • Legs:
      • 10 DB Split Squats on Each Leg. Rest 90s. Repeat fr 3 total sets.
    • Chest:
      • High Band Single Arm Fly (to failure on each side). Rest 60s. Repeat for 3 total sets.
    • Shoulders:
      • 10 Arnold Press (Both DB’s pressing at the same time). Rest 90s Repeat for 3 total sets.
    • Back:
      • 10 Single Arm DB Rows on Each Arm. Rest 90s. Repeat for 3 total sets.
    • Biceps:
      • 10-15 Banded Single DB Bicep Curls. Rest 60s. Repeat for 3 total sets.
    • Triceps:
      • 10-15 Banded Single DB Overhead Extensions. Rest 60s. Repeat for 3 total sets.
    • Abs:

      • DB Russian Twists (15-20). Repeat for 3 total sets. On every rep, complete and full stop and do not bounce.



    • Legs:
      • 100 DB Step-Ups (Heavy as possible; Left+ Right = 2 reps)
    • Chest:
      • 100 Banded Push-Ups
    • Back:
      • 100 Chin-Ups (underhand grip)
    • Shoulders:
      • 100 Banded Pull-Aparts
    • Biceps:
      • 100 Banded External Curls
    • Triceps:
      • 100 Double DB Overhead Extensions
    • Abs:
      • 105 Hanging Knee Raises (Add 10lb or a band for extra resistance)
      • *Rep scheme is 5 oblique right side, 5 oblique left side, 5 regular front knee raises. So 7 rounds of that = 105 total reps

    Give yourself 10min to finish each 100 rep station. If you don’ finish in that time, it’s all good, but you need to move on. Whenever you finish or stop, rest 2 mins and then move onto the next station. If you pick the right weights/resistance this should take anywhere from 50-70mins total.


    *There are video demos for every single exercise within the guide as well. 

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