Full Body Aesthetics (VOL. 4)


This is VOLUME 4 of my Full Body Aesthetics training program - the most fun and diverse full body regimen on the planet! 

 Personally, I have been blown away by the results of this program. In my opinion, this is the most fun and diverse full body regimen on the planet! I've created a new style of full body training that is nothing like you're going to see anywhere else. Guaranteed.

  • 28-days of training 
  • Additional strength cycle built in
  • 5 working days/week with 2 full rest days
  • 5th week of every cycle will be a “recovery week” (3 days of training) 
  • 60-90min full body training sessions
  • Video demonstrations 
  • Unique full body training that will get you better results in less time!


Required equipment for this training program:

  • A set of Dumbbells. Preferably you have a few sets, but if not, a resistance band can help a ton here.
  • 41” red resistance band. Like this one HERE
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • A Barbell and plates with enough weight for heavy deadlifts and squats
  • A workout bench

**If you need the minimal equipment home-based version of this program you can find it HERE.


More program info and sample workouts can be found HERE.

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