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Ask any high level athlete in the Obstacle Racing Community what Coach Diaz is known for (anywhere in the world incidentally) and they will tell you; “He’s that running guy”.  Having travelled all over the United State (on demand) to teach runners how to run.  

Sounds silly?  

The fact is over 70% of recreational runners are injured due exclusively to poor running mechanics and improper training.  Coach Diaz, known for his road show begins with a battery of clinical assessments followed by personal gait assessments.  He then concludes by taking under performing often injured runners and making them whole.  

You’ll also like learn that he is responsible for coaching some of the best OCR runners in the world.  Under his charge, his athletes are revered for their running prowess.  If you ask him, he will quickly share that “the path to injury freedom is the same path as is to performance”.  

This video begins from the ground up and with the help of Ryan Fischer as his subject, the coach demonstrates precisely how to become a better runner.  If you watch this video, you’ll be angry that you had not seen it earlier.  The approach is logical and irrefutable.  

Watch the video and follow the directions one step at a time and you WILL become a better runner.  

  • You’ll learn why you are constantly having to deal with nagging injuries and  what causes them.
  • How to successfully stop heel striking and over striding.
  • Why the aforementioned are at the root of your lack luster performances.
  • The importance of proper posture and arm swing… Yes, odds are you’re doing it wrong!
  • You’ll benefit from a coach that typically charges nearly $200 for a virtual gait assessment and hundreds of dollars for monthly coaching and upwards of $500 for a face to face session.  

To put it mildly, what you will learn from this video will blow your mind and change the way you run for the better once and for all!

Will you get faster and have greater resistance to fatigue?  If you follow the information in the video and put in the work, absolutely!


*Pair this Video with the Dark Horse 8 Week Workout Guide and save $30!*

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